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Virtual workshop

Queer Flourishing for All

20 October 2022
9am Los Angeles / 6pm Berlin


Delivered by

Dominic Longo and Rebecca Scott

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Contact Person

Rebecca Scott


90 minute workshop

What’s in it for participants

What happens when the “land of gay & queer” meets the “land of leadership & coaching”?

Queer Flourishing for All

Through a focus on the lived experience of gay, bi, and queer men and some of the particular powers and pitfalls that they can find along their developmental journeys, Queer Flourishing for All aims to evoke new insights and new questions among all participants. Together we explore the territory where personal growth and leadership development intersect with gender identity and sexual orientation.

For the gay, bi, and queer men who take part, Queer Flourishing for All promises a taste of what might be possible for their flourishing if they appreciate more fully the powers and pitfalls that their gender and sexuality bring into their lives and their leadership.

Learning about these patterns could create new freedom, for example, to reconsider whether certain defensive strategies acquired earlier in life still serve.

For participants who work as coaches or leadership development professionals
, Queer Flourishing for All promises a taste of what might be possible for themselves and their client service if they start to see, understand, and feel more of the lived experience of LGBTQ+ folx.

Awareness of some of the developmental particularities common among gay, bi, and queer men, for example, could illuminate new areas for exploration with clients that coaches may previously have taken for granted, such as gender and sexual dynamics in professional and personal relationships.

Why Queer Flourishing for All matters

LGBTQ+ lives challenge norms and categories that so convincingly pose as settled, true, and natural – such as gender itself. Queer people thus possess–often unwittingly–powerful resources to challenge social structures that stymie human flourishing, such as sexism, patriarchy, and heteronormativity.

Since these oppressive social structures are baked into all of us individually and collectively, we all have a stake in cultivating the resources available in the lived experience of diverse individuals and groups.

Beyond Gay, Bi, & Queer Men

The lived experiences of queer women, non-binary, and trans folx differ in important ways from each other and from the lived experience of gay, bi, and queer men. All of these experiences deserve attention equally, and we hope for lesbian, non-binary, queer, and trans facilitators to create future events that center their respective identities.

In this particular event, we focus on cisgender men in the LGBTQ+ community in order to allow enough specificity to appreciate the interplay of gender identity, sexual orientation, and the body in shaping developmental pathways.

What to expect

  • Making the most of a focus on gay, bi, and queer men’s developmental journeys to bring learning for all participants, whatever their identities
  • Trying on new perspectives
  • Thinking differently about (your and others’) leadership development
  • Ninety-minute cameras-on Zoom session
  • Highly interactive for everyone, including some breakout groups
  • Participants can opt in or out of sharing contact info with each other to continue connections beyond the event

Resources for coaches and other leadership development professionals to use in starting conversations with gay, bi, and queer men in their lives about taking part in this event can be found here.

Pathways for further learning & development

For everyone who takes part in Queer Flourishing for All, the event will serve as a gateway to paths for further learning, growing, and companioning each other.

Coaches and leadership development professionals are invited to take part in Coaching, Leading, & Living Leading Inclusively: Gender, Sex, and the Body, an offering that deepens and extends the learning (over 4-5 months) at the intersection of leadership development and LGBTQ+ lived experience. (More info to come!)

Gay, bi, and queer men are invited to take part in Heroes Journey, a program just for them to come together to challenge and support each other in a small cohort (5-8), plus receive 1-on-1 executive coaching and other interventions to support transformational growth into greater flourishing over a ~6 month period. In creating Queer Flourishing for All, CL faculty Dominic Longo is drawing on his experience running this program at Flourishing Gays.

For those who continue along these pathways, additional points of contact between the two paths will facilitate further exchange.

Date & Time

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Queer Flourishing for All 20th October, 2022 9:00 am

Faculty Bios

Dominic Longo

Dominic's commitment to human flourishing, in its many forms, drives his work in leadership development and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Several years ago, he founded Flourishing Gays as a social enterprise to bring LGBTQ+ perspectives to leadership development and executive coaching. His affiliation with Cultivating Leadership grew out of a need to better understand adult development as he designed the flagship program of Flourishing Gays, called Heroes Journey, a leadership program customized specifically for highly accomplished gay, bi, and queer men. The Growth Edge Coaching courses and the Leading Inclusively Lab through CL contributed not only to his work with clients but also to his ongoing personal journey of re-discovering what’s weird and wonderful about himself.

Rebecca Scott

Rebecca is a leadership coach who is passionate about helping people living with chronic conditions live full, purposeful, and joyous lives. She believes in the transformational power of meaningful conversation, celebrating all your victories, and feeling all your feelings. She comes from the land of disability and knows that one group's flourishing can have glorious ripples for all. Rebecca is also a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory and loves talking about the delights and challenges of working across difference.