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Virtual workshop

Book Launch, Human Work: Five Leadership Mindsets for Humanising Workplaces

April 25/26 Depending where you are in the world


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The authors, Leanne Holdsworth, Naryan Wong and friends

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Diana Manks


A 60 minute immersive session followed by an invitation to chat at the bar for 30 minutes afterwards.

About the book

The book traverses the stories of leaders from across the globe who are already at work humanising their organisations. In this book we see that there is no one 5-step process that works for all organisations, but that there are certain mindsets that enable the creation of more human workplaces. The book explores what these mindsets might look like in practice and what small moves you can make toward making work more human.

The book has been written by Leanne Holdsworth and Naryan Wong and a number of friends from Cultivating Leadership and other communities we are part of.

Here is what people are saying:

“As someone who dreams about what is possible for the future of work, I am thrilled that Human Work: Five Leadership Mindsets for Humanising Workplaces exists. It is a practical, actionable guide that will help leaders and readers of all kinds build workplaces that are more compassionate, empathetic, supportive, and empowering. From the helpful mindsets to the leaders’ stories, this book demonstrates the ways in which we all have the power to make our workplaces more human.”

Kristen Hadeed, thought leader, speaker, and author of Permission To Screw Up: How I Learned To Lead By Doing (Almost) Everything Wrong

“Human Work: Five Leadership Mindsets for Humanising Workplaces illustrates the extraordinary possibilities when you create workplaces centered on care, connection and collaboration: your team members and your business thrive! And that ripples out into the communities in which we work and live. Time to get intentional, leaders, about creating organizations where people matter. This quick read will provide ideas and inspiration for your journey!”

Bob Chapman, CEO of Barry-Wehmiller and author of Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring for Your People Like Family

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Book Launch 26th April, 2023 1:00 am

Cancellation & Terms

Payment is fully refundable up to 28 days before the start of the event, less a 13% processing fee; it is not refundable thereafter. If the event is under-enrolled, we reserve the right to cancel 28 days prior to the event start date, and refund your registration fee in full.

Faculty Bios

Naryan Wong

Naryan is fascinated by how individuals, teams, and organizations think and act in the world. He believes that humanity’s most complex challenges will be solved only through well-coordinated collective sensing and acting. By understanding how individual behaviour contributes to team dynamics, and team dynamics create organizational capacities, Naryan helps organizations and communities to act harmoniously to transform themselves and the world. Over the past decade, Naryan has practised the arts of systems change, network mapping, and organizational development in large corporate environments and not-for-profit community spaces. In 2018, he founded the not-for-profit ThinkBetter to better understand the feedback loops between personal growth and organizational culture. Nowadays, Naryan weaves his network at the nexus of various communities working to improve how humanity thinks and coordinates. Naryan holds a Bachelor’s of Accounting and Financial Management from the University of Waterloo, and is currently conducting systems research with the Post Growth Institute. He is also engaged in a learning partnership with a community on the cutting edge of human dynamics research, working to share their techniques more broadly. Naryan and his partner are part of a thriving network of friends and family in Toronto. He serves his community as a DJ for weddings, leader of canoe trips, beatboxer for an a cappella group, and photographer for events and trips!

Leanne Holdsworth

Leanne stands for a future where it is normal for work environments to be places where human beings thrive, enabling organisations to succeed whilst at the same time, building social capital through how those humans are able to show up with their families and communities. She is the author of the book A New Generation of Business Leaders and has spent 15 years advising organisations predominantly in the private sector (across most sectors including banking, primary sector, FMCG, tech, pharmaceuticals) as well as the public and not for profit sectors in sustainability strategy and leadership. Her work as an Associate of Cultivating Leadership focuses on leading immersive, transformational experiences (leadership programmes, strategic facilitation, consulting, executive coaching). She has a passion for integrating the cognitive with the non-cognitive and will often infuse her work with embodied practices. Leanne holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a post graduate qualification in public policy and stakeholder engagement (AA1000). Auckland, New Zealand is where Leanne calls home, and when she is not working, she is spending time hanging out with her family, reading or clumsily learning to surf.