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Virtual workshop

Emergent Leadership Lab

Thursdays at 11:00am-12.30pm ET from May 4 to June 29 (8 weeks).


Delivered by

Naryan Wong and Thomas Arta, with past ELL participants as ‘meta learners’

Fee range

We hope to keep this workshop accessible for all that wish to attend. We offer three pricing tiers, depending on your ability to pay: $250 standard, $100 reduced or $500 generous. If cost is still an issue, please reach out for a full scholarship.

Contact Person

Naryan Wong


This workshop will be delivered on Zoom.

8 weekly sessions of 90 minutes with optional 30 minute debrief.

Dates & times

Display the dates and times for:

Session 1 4th May, 2023 11:00 am
Session 2 11th May, 2023 11:00 am
Session 3 18th May, 2023 10:00 am
Session 4 25th May, 2023 11:00 am
Session 5 1st June, 2023 11:00 am
Session 6 8th June, 2023 11:00 am
Session 7 22nd June, 2023 11:00 am
Session 8 29th June, 2023 11:00 am

Who this is for

We’re designing this program for people with the curiosity and drive to explore their developmental edges – a yearning to experience the world differently. For people leading teams, projects, or who simply want to lead their own life with more grace and capability.

Maybe you’ve felt the power of a transformative learning experience before, or maybe it’s more of a fuzzy sense that there is more out there to see, just out of reach.  Perhaps you feel the pull to create better relationships, lead more empathetic teams, or really understand the complex systems that touch everyone on Earth.

This course is for you.

We hope to bring together a diverse group of people from all over the world, with different life experiences and different ways of seeing the world.  It is in these differences that new creative possibilities emerge.


What you will learn

Learn to tap into your wisdom and anchor yourself in your purpose as you navigate our time of transition.

This offering will catalyze new ways of being and seeing by equipping you with powerful tools to:

  • Navigate transitions through school, career, and life
  • Build trust and collaborate across differences in perspectives, creating spaces of belonging
  • Use your everyday life experiences as a source of learning, allowing life to draw out the best in you, whatever that means to you
  • Gain confidence and clarity about who you are and what you offer


  • Leadership and awareness practices
  • Adult development theory
  • Embodiment and relational tools
  • Complexity and systems frameworks
  • Interpersonal dialogue practices

Why take this workshop

Humanity is facing a web of interconnected complex challenges that we have not been able to solve – yet must be solved for the long term flourishing of humanity.

We believe the adult development field has something valuable to teach about leadership in complexity, and we ourselves have traveled along this path – individually and in community.

Much of this field’s training is currently focused on helping experienced leaders to reach the next level of their potential. We believe that this same training could help more people to become transformative leaders earlier: navigating their own life transitions with ease, learning faster, and creating spaces for mutual development.

Will this spark a new movement of leaders creating a better world?  We look forward to finding out!


Accessibility - Fees

We hope to keep this workshop accessible for all that wish to attend.  We offer three pricing tiers, depending on your ability to pay: $250 standard, $100 reduced or $500 generous.  If cost is still an issue, please reach out for a full scholarship.

Past participants said:

“This course gave me the tools to navigate complexities across all aspects of my life. I found every 2 hour session incredibly valuable and am coming out of the experience with a new community of learners and friends I can rely on.”

“This course forced me to look inwards and rethink aspects of my life. I often find this uncomfortable to do, but the instructors did a great job creating a safe space where I felt able to be vulnerable and share. I always felt deeply heard by the instructors and other participants, and appreciated the intimacy of the small group. I’d recommend this course to anyone looking to grow and have their perspectives challenged.”

“Excellent taster of what Cultivating Leadership has to offer. The facilitators were top-class, knowledgeable of the material and flexible in their delivery. I’d highly recommend to anyone with an interest in this body of work.”

Cancellation & Terms

Payment is fully refundable up to 28 days before the start of the event, less a 13% processing fee; it is not refundable thereafter. If the event is under-enrolled, we reserve the right to cancel 28 days prior to the event start date, and refund your registration fee in full.

Faculty Bios

Naryan Wong

Naryan is fascinated by how individuals, teams, and organizations think and act in the world. He believes that humanity’s most complex challenges will be solved only through well-coordinated collective sensing and acting. By understanding how individual behaviour contributes to team dynamics, and team dynamics create organizational capacities, Naryan helps organizations and communities to act harmoniously to transform themselves and the world. Over the past decade, Naryan has practised the arts of systems change, network mapping, and organizational development in large corporate environments and not-for-profit community spaces. In 2018, he founded the not-for-profit ThinkBetter to better understand the feedback loops between personal growth and organizational culture. Nowadays, Naryan weaves his network at the nexus of various communities working to improve how humanity thinks and coordinates. Naryan holds a Bachelor’s of Accounting and Financial Management from the University of Waterloo, and is currently conducting systems research with the Post Growth Institute. He is also engaged in a learning partnership with a community on the cutting edge of human dynamics research, working to share their techniques more broadly. Naryan and his partner are part of a thriving network of friends and family in Toronto. He serves his community as a DJ for weddings, leader of canoe trips, beatboxer for an a cappella group, and photographer for events and trips!

Thomas Arta

Thomas believes that there is nothing more precious than being a part of each other’s mutual growth and flourishing, and nothing more important than understanding the broader systems that support or inhibit this goal. Thomas also believes that we are being called to a new way of seeing our work – one that recognises the profound opportunity we have to foster cultures that deepen our humanness while rooting the decisions we make in our identity as living ancestors for generations yet to come. To this end, the relationship between the individual and the system is at the center of Thomas’ work, whether that be with developmental coaching, systemic approaches to group facilitation or the cultivation of mindfulness and relational intelligence. Thomas is dedicated to bringing an embodied and holistic approach to leadership development and has a particular understanding of and extensive experience serving mid- and early career leaders. He entered the field of leadership development after fifteen years of training in Buddhist meditation and twin careers in creative education and as a professional jazz musician. In addition to being a deep-dive into the complexity of the human mind and spirit, it was in these contexts that he learned to love the art (and challenge!) of deep listening, eventually recognising its place at the heart of all collaborative endeavours. Thomas now sees listening and leading as a whole-body activity and strives to live and share this understanding in his work with individuals and groups. He holds certifications in Positive Neuroplasticity with Dr. Rick Hanson, Growth Edge coaching with Jennifer Garvey Berger, somatic coaching with Catherine McGee, and Creative Arts facilitation with the Artis Foundation. He is currently pursuing ongoing training in Systemic Constellation work and systemic coaching. Thomas holds a master's degree in jazz performance and composition and is a mindfulness, embodiment, and yoga teacher trainer. Born in Hong Kong and raised in the UK, Thomas now lives in the forested outskirts of Berlin with his wife and two daughters, who keep him on his toes in consistently unexpected ways.