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This program is exclusively for participants who completed Wisdom in Leadership: Workshop 1.

Wisdom in Leadership: Advanced Topics

Dates: 24 October / 31 October / 07 November 2022
11:00 am to 1:00 pm US Eastern Time


Delivered by

Vernice Jones & Jan Nicholson

Fee range

US$ 650.00

Contact Person

Vernice Jones


A 3-week program delivered online via Zoom.

Advanced Topic Modules

Gazing practices: How can we expand the container of our awareness and open the door to our innate consciousness spontaneously? When we gaze into nature, the radiance of the world becomes apparent and the radiance inside ourselves unfolds. This expands our view of the world, helps us metabolize our experience and helps us integrate our life/work experience with the essence of who we are in a deeper way.

Working with the elements: We will focus on practices that boost the vibrance of our life force energy, thus helping us to sustain optimal physical and psychological health. This heightens our presence, effectiveness, and impact as leaders, and supports our capacity to attain that which we desire for ourselves and others.

Archetyping/dreaming: We continue the work we began in Wisdom in Leadership I but take this work further. The archetypes that we connect with during waking and sleeping hours expand our world view and bring forth qualities in ourselves that help us to engage more creatively with what matters most to us. This encourages synchronicity and community resulting in a more enjoyable and–dare we say–
magical life.

Why This Work Matters

Consciousness expands our capacity to perceive—and navigate—the subtle, often unseen aspects of our situations that lead to greater clarity and effectiveness. Adult development theory, for instance, suggests that our tendency as leaders to “skill ourselves up” in the face of challenges is no longer enough. Instead, we must be willing to move beyond our default solutions and toward our growth edge. For many of us, this includes unlocking our consciousness.

We also know from complexity theory that our work as leaders goes beyond the obvious, beyond cause and effect. As we evolve, we must also experiment with what we’re learning and how we turn inside to access our inner knowing. To do that, we need ways to explore our subtle bodies and see what’s present—inside ourselves as well as in evolving external systems. In a world where complexity reigns, we must cultivate a capacity to see beyond the obvious and adapt to rapid change, all the while maintaining our equanimity. We can then meet every facet of our lives from a creative state of mind rather than a stressed, limited mindset. We are then able to show others by example and inspire them to do the same, enabling our whole, integrated system to evolve.


The Program

The Advanced Topics series is a three-week program for those who have completed Wisdom in Leadership I. Underpinned in phenomenology, adult development, meditative concepts and practices, and wisdom tradition, our program aims to support the growth and development of leaders, coaches, and HR practitioners who are ready to embrace a more holistic approach to leadership.

The group will meet for three sessions to learn, connect, and explore in community. At each meeting, we’ll use everything from poetry, parables, meditations, and story to tap into our consciousness, cultivating deeper awareness of ourselves, others, and the energetic field. In between sessions, you’ll have optional reading to support your practice. Throughout the program, we’ll explore our being and doing, our inner and outer—all in service of being our authentic selves more and more.

See program timings for the Advanced Topics series below.

Program Timings

We will meet weekly on Mondays for three consecutive weeks.

Please register, put all scheduled sessions on your calendar and let us know if you are not able to attend any of the sessions.

Display the dates and times for:

Session 1 24th October, 2022 11:00 am
Session 2 31st October, 2022 11:00 am
Session 3 7th November, 2022 11:00 am

Program Fee

The fee for this program is USD 650.00

If you have any questions, please reach out to Vernice Jones at vernice@cultivatingleadership.com


Cancellation & Terms

Payment is fully refundable up to 28 days before the start of the event, less a 13% processing fee; it is not refundable thereafter. If the event is under-enrolled, we reserve the right to cancel 28 days prior to the event start date, and refund your registration fee in full.

Faculty Bios

Vernice Jones

I began envisioning capacity-building Circles in the early days of the global pandemic as I witnessed clients struggling to lead and take care of the many others in their lives. My goal was to give leaders a place to be in community and hold space for one another, network and leverage their collective intelligence and power. What I learned was that the collective intelligence, resourcefulness, compassion, and awareness shared by these leaders was precious and relationships formed were long lasting. Since then, I have led several Circles and small groups. This program will focus on meditation and awareness. I began my own exploration of meditative practices in high school when my father insisted that the entire family attend meditation instruction, separately, for each of us to have a unique experience. It was a radical move at the time. I recall it feeling like an exhilarating, adventurous experiment, and quickly integrated a regular although perfunctory meditation practice into my daily schedule. That practice turned out to be life altering in a way I couldn’t have predicted. The next five years brought a series of serious family health issues. Meditation as a doorway to awareness gave me an invitation to stand on the balcony of my experience and was the one thing that sustained me during that difficult time. More recently, while teaching and guiding leaders through transformation—and doing my own work—I have noticed cognitive behavioral challenge and support to be an important part of transformation, but only partial to the multidimensional transformational experience. I have become even more focused on awareness (and awareness of awareness) in working with clients and groups. In our work together, it is not uncommon for clients to recognize in themselves a sense of connection, wisdom, and intimacy, and then ask to learn more. This program is an answer to that call. Learn more about Vernice here: https://www.cultivatingleadership.com/team-member/vernice-jones And, here: https://theleadershipcompass.org/

Jan Nicholson

As is so often the case with people who grow up to be therapists and coaches, I had challenges to overcome at home that gave me a determination to help people overcome adversity and reach their potential. I completed my doctorate at Harvard in Counseling and Consulting Psychology but most of what informs my unique approach to work as a coach and a therapist has been what I have learned since then. Thanks to having a chronically ill father, my passion has been to study and integrate mind-body-spirit approaches fully into my work to facilitate healing and wholeness. Of all the things I’ve learned over the years, the most life-changing and practical knowledge I love to share with others is how to live in the ever-expansive field of awareness rather than being caught up in self-limiting thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. My own story with awareness began when I had a near-drowning experience at the age of 5. Unable to swim and out in a lake over my head after slipping out of my inner tube, I shifted from being terrified to being filled with a deep sense of peacefulness. I felt immersed in radiant light and was in a state of blissful joy. Trying to revisit and sense this bliss again became my quest for years. I had moments when bliss again visited me unexpectedly like at my wedding, and when my daughter was born. What changed everything for me, though, is when I met my mentor, and he taught me how to consciously enter and hold the field of awareness. Blissfulness arises naturally in such moments and permeates us. This is the most personally empowering thing I have learned along the way, shifting my own life the most. Drawing from the Waters of our Most Authentic Self is created to provide you with a map to live from an awakened perspective more and more of the time, all the while remaining embodied and fully present. Learn more about Jan here: http://www.jannicholsonedd.com/