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Virtual workshop

Navigating Difficult Conversations

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In-house courses & 2023 workshops

Currently we have no workshops scheduled for 2023. If you have interest in attending a workshop, or holding an in-house workshop please contact John Sautelle John@cultivatingleadership.com.

Who should come

Leaders, coaches, anyone who is familiar with the fear and awkwardness that comes with beginning – and continuing – difficult conversations.


‘Surprisingly, not only did I learn about managing difficult conversations, I learnt a lot about myself. It’s both a professional and personal development journey.’ ~ Sheunnie Loo, Team Leader, International Insurance

‘I would recommend this course to anyone that would like to improve one-to-one communication and or anyone wishing to improve their one-to-one relationships.’ ~ Karen Seah, Senior Executive, Australian Government Agency

‘Don’t fear difficult conversations and break down the barriers found in communicating in everyday life. Great course to be used everywhere and for everyone.’  ~ Tom Laslett, Engineer

‘This course is invaluable- I am already feeling the benefits of less anxiety and ‘story’ creation, less emotional reactivity. Now that I understand myself better and have strategies to navigate difficult conversations, I have better relationships with others.’ ~ Caillie Dunne, Founder, AntiCommitment

‘Navigating Difficult Conversations has been a fantastic course to take part in. I have no doubt that the insight and skills I have gained have already had a manifold effect on my life and will continue to do so. Very helpful, very insightful, very worthwhile.’  ~ Anna Herold Pola

Accessibility - Fees

US $695 per person.

We wish to make this course as widely available as possible. We provide funding support for people:

  • working in not-for-profit organisations
  • from marginalised or underrepresented group
  • who have limited financial means

If you wish to explore options for funding support, please contact John Sautelle <john@cultivatingleadership.com>.

Cancellation & Terms

Payment is fully refundable up to 28 days before the start of the event, less a 13% processing fee; it is not refundable thereafter. If the event is under-enrolled, we reserve the right to cancel 28 days prior to the event start date, and refund your registration fee in full.

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In the words of past participants…

‘The Navigating Difficult Conversations course gave me insights and tools to better conduct conversations when the stakes are high.’ ~ Shai Haim, Chief Technology Officer, Global Tech

‘I have noticed how my relationships with those I have had these conversations with have deepened and how this has allowed for greater inner peace and connectedness in my life’.
~ Camille de Picot, Executive Coach, Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Faculty Bios

John Sautelle

John is deeply curious about how our individual and collective stories create fears that stand in the way of important conversations. He is passionate about supporting others understand and address these fears, enabling them to build greater connection through the most difficult of conversations. John is the author of Choose Your Stories, Change Your Life, in which he details the change process he has evolved over the past 18 years to support his clients make the changes they are struggling to make. His work is also featured in his TEDx Talk: Whose Stories Are We Living? In his coaching work with leaders and teams, John supports his clients tap into heart, body, mind and spirit to grow themselves, and scale their impact, in sustainable and life-giving ways.

Eleanor Reardon

Developing safe, inclusive relationships is the foundation of Eleanor’s approach in all areas of her life - as parent, Psychologist, facilitator, researcher, consultant and team leader. As a Senior Psychologist within the Education sector, Eleanor loves the challenge of identifying what needs to change for students, teachers and parents to be successful learners and leaders and then supporting that change to happen. With a deep curiosity about each person’s story, Eleanor understands that making small changes with seemingly everyday things can be both difficult and life-changing. Through her work supporting and leading teams, and her research experiences, Eleanor is committed to bringing about systemic change. She works to foster inclusive workplaces and address inequities built into our social systems. Eleanor believes that our capacity to connect through challenging conversations, individually and collectively, is key.