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Growth Edge Coaching

You cannot change what you cannot see. This is what makes coaching such a powerful intervention in the first place. We, as coaches, are able to illuminate places of reactive patterns of thinking, behaving and being so that our clients can make choices about them. But this means that what we coaches notice and pay attention to is foundational to our ability to help our clients.

Here’s where Growth Edge Coaching comes along. Growth Edge Coaching offers coaches a map of hidden forces operating in the lives of adults–forces that shape every interaction and yet are most invisible to all of us. A Growth Edge coach has the ability to see these forces, show them to our clients, and then–if that’s what our clients want–help offer tools and approaches to grow beyond our current ways of making sense of the world.

We do this through a trio of courses that lay out the map, help you understand how to find where you and your clients are on that map, and reveal opportunities for change.  

An incredible skill set for general life, and for coaches, OD professionals and leaders looking for a new way to help clients recognise growth edge opportunities in their personal adult development journey.

Essential pre reading and resource for the gateway course is Jennifer Garvey Berger’s book: Changing on the Job: Developing Leaders for a Complex World.

The Courses

Gateway course | Virtual workshop

Conversations at the Edge

Beginning 19 September to 29 November 2023
Offered at various times, suitable for most timezones


You know those conversations that open up entirely new possibilities? Where a question opens up a whole new vista of potential choices? In this workshop we offer a new form of listening and questioning that will open up a new kind of curiosity for you as you have conversations with your clients (your partner, your kids, etc.). Learn the difference between the content of someone’s thinking and the structure of someone’s meaning making. We slow down the process of conversations – reading interviews, engaging in deep conversations together, and feeling what it’s like to be at our growing edge. And because meaning making is more than a cognitive experience, we use our whole bodies as we explore, paying attention to our thinking, our feelings and our sensations.

Delivered by

Vernice Jones, Jennifer Garvey Berger, Patrice Laslett, Rodney Howard, Zafer Achi, and Carolyn Coughlin

Fee range

US $250.00 – $999.00

Contact Person

Diana Manks


Delivered online with six 2-hour live virtual sessions, and two 1-hour Q&A sessions, using the ZOOM platform, with practice for around 2 hours in trios between live sessions.
The trio work is essential for success and participants rely on each other for these working groups between sessions.
Staggered times allow for most time zones to participate live in some and all sessions will be recorded.

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Advanced virtual course formerly called Psychologically Spacious Coaching (PSC)

Sometimes you don’t want to go through the entire process of making a map with your clients – you want something to use in the last ten minutes of a session that has felt stuck or stale or confused. In this course we practice weaving developmental approaches throughout your conversations and coaching sessions to find the invisible patterns inside the way people experience particular dilemmas.

Once we see the patterns, we can help expand the solution space for our clients, helping them discover new possibilities in themselves and the situations they face. As with all of our workshops, we practice as we learn, exploring our own sensemaking as we understand the sensemaking of others. This module also includes discussion and practice of specific coaching approaches that might be helpful with clients who seem to be in particular developmental transitions.

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