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Growth Circles

A developmental experience for women, meeting monthly

The Women Scaling their Leadership Growth Circle is an intimate experience for a small group (between 6-10 women at any one point in time), whose particular stories will differ from one another, but who are facing a similar need to lead differently and who want to do that without losing themselves in the process — women who realize that “what got them here, won’t get them there.”

The Circle is for women who have experience managing people but are now being asked to scale their leadership in some new way. This could mean managing more people, managing a larger budget, or simply moving into a position characterized by less direct control and much more uncertainty — where stakeholder relationships are both more important and less clear, where enabling is more important than doing and where “being” is more important than “doing” or “producing.”

We welcome and encourage women from a wide range of industries, geographies, backgrounds — cultural, racial, socioeconomic, academic, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

Delivered by

Carolyn Coughlin and Judy King

Fee range

$1,497 billed quarterly

Contact Person

Laurel King


The group will meet for 90 minutes, via Zoom, on a monthly basis. In addition, participants will be entitled to a coaching session at the end of every three group sessions.

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