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About us

At The Meadow, our vision is to enable positive change in the world by making developmental offerings accessible to anyone anywhere in communities of good support.

Cultivating Leadership connects with people through organisations. The Meadow provides a platform that enables individuals to access world class opportunities for growth and connection beyond the customary organisational context. We want people from all over the globe to have access to the very best we have to offer in the areas of adult development and living and leading in complexity.

The Meadow is a place to deepen our understanding of each other. To see more of the contexts and systems we live and lead in. To embrace differences — cultural and worldview – in ourselves and in others. To deepen our awareness of how we show up with each other and the positive difference we can make.

Whatever learning path you choose to take through The Meadow, use the space to grow and build strong bonds with others. Then let’s all take that learning, growing, and relating to improve the world where we live and lead. Let’s make the world better together.


At Cultivating Leadership, we are individually and collectively working hard on our own growing edges. We are learning how to foster more diversity and experiences of inclusion and belonging in the events we host. We are trying hard to hold space, design, and deliver experiences where you can feel welcomed, seen, heard, and understood. We welcome any feedback if your experience is at odds with our intentions and also if we are doing okay with them.


We price our events at a level we feel represents a generous exchange, and it’s important to us that our events are accessible regardless of economic status. Each of our events will provide a range of fee options including a standard fee, the option to pay a little more to support others to attend, and a number of discounted and/or free places.


One of the most important relationships at The Meadow is with our planet. We acknowledge the complex interdependencies of our world, and how we relate to the biosphere that supports us. We acknowledge the climate crisis and the need for swift action in reducing our impact on the planet. Ensuring a viable future concerns us all and is a matter of justice and equity.


We are working to make our offerings more accessible. For example, we are exploring interpreters for Sign Language.

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